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12”16 acrylic on canvas 

April 2014

$125  - message for more details

Artists Statement:

I’m not one to make artists statements. I like the viewer to see and feel the elements themselves, despite my personal ideas and construction…

My original plan for this painting was to express the crippling feeling of loneliness and also being trapped in ones head. The opposing colors on each side of the piece are representative of two different beings. The left/darker side shows a being with a darkened and troublesome mental state along with the desperation to be freed from their mind while also being strangely comforted by their pain. The lighter/left side represents a positive and caring bystander, willingly trying to help the other out of their pain. The convergence of both colors at the top center represent reaching out to the hurt who have not yet asked for another persons help. To help show just what the colors were to represent, I added the subtle text on each side, a new element being used in regards to my art. 

I hope some can relate to this painting whether they have been on each side represented or are familiar with this common conflict. Even if you may not relate, I hope you can still appreciate the meaning and construction of this piece. 

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